Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) knows no national borders. It can soon spread to the nooks and corners of the globe affecting individuals, families, and communities. Similarly, the onus of the fight against resistance can never be centralized. Each one of us would be waging our own battles eventually to win the war against AMR. Each one of us is an ‘AMR warrior’ in the truest sense.

With regard to this, Amrita Vidyalayam Davangere carried out a cycle rally on November 24, 2021, to spread awareness in our families as well as in our community. The battle cry was Go blue’, chosen by WHO. So, participants wore blue and expressed their solidarity with the cause.

The Family Awareness Challenge provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to the misuse of drugs, and to increase knowledge about antimicrobial resistance. The Community Awareness Challenge is designed to develop and refine awareness about antimicrobial resistance, as well as educate society regarding AMR.

Posters were displayed in zones that grabbed a lot of attention from people visiting the concerned area. All bugs don’t need drugs!