The farewell ceremony for the 2019-20 batch of Class X began in the early hours of February 13th. Teaching and non-teaching staff as well as devotees were a part of this special ceremony which began with Ganapati Homa to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha for the well-being of our children.

The entire Homa was performed by our Principal Bri. Anjali amma. Such rituals uphold our tradition, culture and customs. Children chanted slokas and Vedic mantras and participated in bhajans and prayers to imbibe divine qualities as well as to awaken noble qualities and create positive vibrations. This was followed by a short guided meditation. The entire hall was lit with lamps to symbolize the removal of ignorance. The most sacred moment of the ceremony was lighting the lamp of knowledge held by the children by the Principal to convey the message of peace and to bestow them with abundant happiness, prosperity and good health. All the teaching and non-teaching staff blessed the children with unconditional love, strength and knowledge when they touched their feet.

The ceremony concluded with a sumptuous lunch and distribution of mementos by the Principal. The entire event left an everlasting impression and positive feelings in the hearts of all the children.