With the availability of cheap internet, the world has seen a tremendous increase in opportunities as well as threats. A three-day training session  aimed at motivating students to secure their digital data and personal information such as financial data, healthcare data, etc. that are stored online was conducted at our school. 122 students took part in the training programme. The training sessions comprised of both theory as well as activities, and focused on Python, Linux, Cryptography, Cyber awareness and job opportunities with introduction to Amrita BIOS and Amrita InCTF.

Day1: Formal inaugural function and the need for cyber security professionals in our country.

Day 2: Linux hands-on session solving challenges from BANDIT- Over the Wire.

Day 3: Pico CTF and club formations, cyber job opportunities. Students solved all challenges from Pico CTF 2018.

Students interested in cyber security were identified and a Cyber Security Club was formed. The club consists of 12 girls and 9 boys. Rinith R. and Srushti G.S were chosen as Captains, and Vikas K.H. and Rishitha S. Chawan were chosen as Vice-captains.

Overall, the session was very beneficial.