International Mathematics Olympiad 2019-20

We are very proud indeed to announce the winners of the International Mathematics Olympiad organised by Science Olympiad Foundation. Hearty congratulations from the Principal, Management and staff of Amrita Vidyalayam Davangere!

1. SaiVinay Class I Gold Medal
2. Jagavi M. Class II Gold Medal
3. Ragav Class III Gold Medal
4. Sanvi R. Class IV Gold Medal
5. Kottureshwara A. Banakar Class V Gold Medal
6. Dhanushree S. Sonale Class VI Gold Medal
7. Shanthanu N. Tembad Class VII Gold Medal
8. Anvita R. Mothi Class VIII Gold Medal
9. Mehul N.B. Class IX Gold Medal
10. Shresta Y. Boosnur Class I Silver Medal
11. Yukhta N.M. Class II Silver Medal
12. Gokul B.P. Class II Silver Medal
13. Vaishnavi V. Class IV Silver Medal
14. Yuvaraj S. Guptha Class VII Silver Medal
15. Poorvika B. Class I Bronze Medal
16. Vihaan H. Gowda Class II Bronze Medal
17. Greeshmitha R. Class III Bronze Medal
18. Asmitha S. Vithalkar Class IV Bronze Medal
19. Sharvari S.S. Class VII Bronze Medal

Ragav (Class III), Saanvi R. (Class IV) and Shanthanu N. Tembad (Class VII) have qualified for LEVEL IIIMO 2020.