Students of Amrita Vidyalayam visited Shri Shakti Association Old Age Home in Harihara and spent quality time with the aged residents of the Home. This visit imparted wonderful values to the children and taught them how to make their life one that is worth living.

 “Learn to place others before yourself, consider everyone, because each one is a doorway to your own self.” – Amma.

To inculcate a sense of social responsibility in our students, Amrita Institutions have initiated Amritam Projects in order to fulfil Amma’s vision of spreading universal happiness. These practices help to transform the world we live in into a better place. The qualities required to undertake this is self-motivation and an attitude of selflessness. “A Handful of Rice, and a Heart Full of Love” is one such practice where children of all classes bring a handful of rice every Monday which is collected and donated to needy families, old age homes and orphanages at the end of the month. On August 22nd, students of classes 8 and 9 visited Shri Shakti Association Old Age Home and Shri Maralu Siddeshwara Buddhimandhya Vishesha Vasatiyuta Shale, Anjaneya Badavane, Amravati, Harihara, Davangere District, and donated 200kg of rice as well as biscuits and fruits, and spent quality time with the inmates. The sense of social responsibility nurtured in our students at this young age will sensitize them towards the socio-economic needs of society.

Under the canopy of Amritam Projects, Shramamritam or Labour of Love was practiced by our students at Shri Maralu Siddheshwara School for mentally challenged children, Harihara. Colourful handmade rakhis were tied to the children signifying care and affection between brothers and sisters. Our students felt humbled by this experience and pledged to share their time and knowledge with the underprivileged section of society. Hard work becomes Labour of Love when we sacrifice our ego and live for something greater than our own selves.